19. The Long Yak - Are You Human Too? | What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? | This is Our 1st Life

Back with our fifth long yak, your talkative trio do their best to cover a large chunk of currently airing and upcoming dramas. Stay tuned for entertainment news and an unexpectedly long playlist full of the gang's favourite drama OSTs coming your way. TIME STAMP: ---CURRENTLY AIRING: 00:01:00 - What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? 00:15:20 - Spoiler Warning: Skip ahead 2mins 25 seconds! 00:24:00 - Wok of Love/Greasy Melo 00:29:39 - Are You Human Too? (Link to Sarah Rees Brennan's twitter thread below) 00:38:14 - Sketch ---PREVIOUSLY AIRED: 00:43:40 - Suits 00:44:49 - Because This is My First Life 01:00:29 - We Married As A Job (Japanese) ---K-ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: 01:05:27 - Item 1: Yoon Kyun-sang's casting in Clean With Passion For Now confirmed 01:08:15 - Item 2: Kim Hee-ae movie about comfort women 01:14:29 - Item 3: Jo Jung-seok and Gummy getting married 01:16:33 - Item 4: Lee Je-hoon & Chae Soo-bin pairing up for Fox Bride Star 01:18:30 - Item 5: Crossdressing sageuk, Mung Bean 01:20:18 - Item 6: BBC shows being remade in Korean ---UPCOMING DRAMAS: 01:23:38 - HouseHelper 01:25:24 - Mr Sunshine 01:28:52 - Let's Eat 3 01:30:00 - LIFE 01:32:00 - About Her 01:32:36 - My ID is Gangnam Beauty 01:34:16 - Risky Romance 01:35:57 - Thirty but Seventeen 01:39:23 - Time ---QUESTION OF THE YAK! 01:40:49 - Which Drama OSTs have stayed with you long after the story ended? Twitter: @akdramapodcast Email: starsinourpocket@gmail.com LINKS: Sarah Rees Berman's hilarious thread about I Am Human Too: https://twitter.com/sarahreesbrenna/status/1007017611048218626 Our Favorite Kdrama OSTs Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdylX_UWjYvBJ4wjHZq42G4yHl9lp4-Gr Stars in My Pocket: A K-Drama Podcast is also available at: YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXAKERzXeFhlsSrVL_qU–w), RSS (http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:429481275/sounds.rss), and iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/stars-in-my-pocket-a-k-drama-podcast/id1270514773?mt=2)

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