18. Father is Strange (Drama Deep Dive)

Anisa and Paroma go deep into last year's best family drama with LollyPip (long-time recapper of korean dramas at Dramabeans). All three had much to say (and there were many, MANY characters to talk about) so this episode runs to just over 100 minutes. Pace yourselves. And use the Time Stamps below to find the segments where your favourite Byung/Lee family member (or their better half) was discussed! Follow us on Twitter: @dramasoverflow/ And find LollyPip @LollyPipKD TIME STAMP: 00:01:36 - Overall thoughts on the drama (Spoiler alert: WE LOVED IT) 00:04:59 - Maknae Ra-young, her robotic but sweet soccer player, and how she grew on Anisa 00:06:49 - Lee Joon as self-involved but adorable Ahn Joong-hee 00:12:58 - Our thoughts on the central identity theft plot. Were the parents justified in their lie? Do we hate them on Joong-hee's behalf? 00:25:03 - Mom and Dad taking the moral high ground when their children messed up. Hypocrital? Or good role models? 00:29:44 - Lee Yu-ri as Byun Hye-young and how everything she was amazing/badass 00:39:50 - Kim Yoo-joo (Lee Mi-do) as the bully sister-in-law, and her surprisingly effective redemption 00:47:45 - The fauxcest between Joong-hee and Mi-young. Did it go on too long? 01:04:35 - Fairytale endings for all the characters. Did we buy it? 01:18:32 - How the family treated the eldest brother. 01:24:52 - How fake news about Lee Joon in real life mirrored the paparazzi's behaviour around Joong-hee in the drama 01:33:30 - We love the writing, and the writer’s other works (You’re All Surrounded, Ojakkyo Brothers, Be Strong Geum Soon) 01:39:17 - The recapping life, and making career choices that surprise your parents. Music: Coffee Stains - Riot https://youtu.be/sz7To0GgAgM My Heart - Kim Hyung-joong (Father is Strange OST)

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