Episode 106

Actor Seo In-guk in Pipeline, Doom At Your Service, Reply 1997, Squad 38 & More

Here's another foray into the wilds of Dramaland on the back of our yak - specifically a "shigan yohaeng" (time travel) into Seo In-guk's filmography, from his recent film, Pipeline, all the way back to the impression he made as Yoon Yoon-jae in Reply 1997 (aka Answer Me 1997)...and even further back than that. What was your first Seo In-guk? We'd love to know!


Saya's 2016 end-of-year review of Police Unit 38 (scroll down): (Saya has reread it, and is crying at the mauling, so much mauling.)

Saya and Paroma's recaps of Police Unit 38, full of intense commentary (also mauled, sigh):

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This episode was edited by Saya.

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