Episode 105

September Premieres | Yumi's Cells | Squid Game | Dalli and the Cocky Prince | One the Woman

Eight new dramas releasing in September!



00:03:16 - 'Imitation' boy band song gets on real world chart

00:05:56 - Lee Jun-young helps police catch a drunk driver

00:09:29 - Seungri's sentencing and what happens next

00:11:06 - 'Hospital Playlist' actress Ahn Eun-jin (Min-ah) signs up with UAA

00:12:18 - Casting speculations!


00:15:02 - Lost

00:19:32 - High Class

00:22:38 - One the Woman

00:27:50 - Squid Game

00:33:24 - Yumi's Cells

00:38:32 - The Veil

00:45:47 - Dalli and the Cocky Prince

00:55:15 - Hometown

01:00:04 - Love in Black Hole


Jang Dong-yoon heroism: Actor Jang DongYoon's Past Heroism Intrigues Koreans

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This episode was edited by Paroma.

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