82. Year End Yak 2020 & the 2nd Annual Goguma Awards!

Dearest listeners. In this last episode we recorded in 2020, we wanted to give an overview of our year-in-dramas that was both personal and encompassed the larger fandom. So, between our silly and serious awards and discussions of personal favourites, you will hear the voices of other drama watchers across the world telling us about their thoughts and experiences of dramas in 2020. Full show notes listing all the shows we discussed during Gogumas + acrostic poems: https://wp.me/p99pCS-Ru --TIMESTAMPS-- 00:15:01 - Introducing the Goguma Awards! 00:20:41 - Best SFF Concept 00:30:30 - Biggest Waste 00:35:15 - Bad Start, Good Ending 00:36:42 - Stupid at the Last Second 00:44:47 - Racist Drama Most Vigorously Defended 00:45:39 - Best Comfort Drama 00:48:42 - Best Partners 00:56:36 - Best OTP That Wasn't 01:03:20 - Puppy of the Year + Ajusshi of the Year 01:06:04 - Unni of the Year 01:07:16 - ACTUAL Puppy of the Year 01:11:24 - SECRET AWARD! 01:13:39 - Best Episode Endings 01:16:58 - Best Epilogues 01:23:08 - Best Wardrobe & Style 01:30:50 - Best Single OST 01:33:55 - The Ones That Made Us Laugh Until We Cried 01:36:50 - Most Quippy 01:43:03 - Best Watch Outside K-Dramaland 01:51:45 - Anisa's Top 3 01:56:43 - Paroma's Top 3 02:05:07 - Saya's Top 3 02:11:48 - Final Words (and a riddle!) If you're curious about the voices in the episode, meet them below and look them up on twitter! --LISTENER NOTES-- 00:05:36 - Natalie 00:14:04 - Rue @ruenicca 00:28:26 - Rimi @_payodhi 00:42:49 - Dr Chi @chinyereosuji 00:55:27 - Anja 01:01:38 - Kfangurl @kfangurl 01:10:00 - Abdul @pakistanipepper 01:21:19 - Supriya @supriyan 01:29:26 - Lils @lilstomas 01:41:41 - Helena @qassidas 01:49:30 - Lee @lee_tennant 02:16:28 - Saner --ALL THE LINKS-- That weird book Anisa found: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54594933-kissing-the-coronavirus Overture [Stranger 2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RuMBbEVGWc Red Backpack [Good Casting]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae1ESwAbTq0 Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us at dramasoverflowers@gmail.com. Our Amazing Patrons are: Egads, Steven Blackmore, Lia W., Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Jenmole, Saoirse10, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi, Jojo, Rue, k8ekol, mindy, Liliana, Edyth, Marcia, unatuna, Dr. Chi, and newcomers to the Patreon family, Cloggie and Lesley H. Thank you, and know that we love you very much. ❤︎ Support us at www.patreon.com/dramasoverflowers, or by leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice, OR simply by telling your friends. This podcast is part of the Frolic Podcast Network.

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