52. Year End Yak 2019 (Presenting the 1st Goguma Awards!)

Welcome to the first annual Goguma (Sweet Potato)Awards, presented by Dramas Over Flowers. We made up all the categories to give our favourites as many awards as possible, but watch us pretend to be fair by having a whole list of nominations and everything. TIME STAMP: 00:03:12 - We list our top 3s of 2019 00:16:01 - Honorable mentions Goguma Awards! 00:26:48 - Best concept 00:31:49 - Best Music 00:34:01 - Best comedy 00:35:08 - Best Romance 00:41:59 - Best character 00:50:14 - Puppy of the year 00:52:31 - Sparkliest chemistry 00:55:09 - Biggest waste of Talent 00:56:45 - Most disappointing second half 00:58:11 - Rubbish All the Way Through 01:02:24 - Villain we love to hate 01:03:20 - Most Terrifying Villain 01:07:07 - Squishiest 01:07:51 - Fish Ex Machina 01:09:45 - Badass female ensemble 01:11:04 - Most Crackjjang 01:15:26 - Best Wardrobe 01:19:28 - Best Yeo Jin-gu 01:21:50 - Most convincing fake politician 01:25:18 - Non-Korean Drama Paroma Finished 01:28:24 - Notable International TV shows Links: "Snowflakes" from the My Fellow Citizens OST https://youtu.be/A_lNRM_PwqA "We All Lie" from the SKY Castle OST https://youtu.be/PdDfuWJc9dA —Awesome Patrons who support us— Egads, Steven Blackmore, Lia W., Kimbap Noona, Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Jenmole, Saoirse10, Hamda, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi & Jojo! Patreon: www.patreon.com/dramasoverflowers Twitter: @dramasoverflow Email: dramasoverflowers@gmail.com Blog: akdramapodcast.wordpress.com

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