25. The Long Yak - Familiar Wife | Terius Behind Me | Heart Surgeons | My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Hey guys! The Long Yak this month covers some new dramas and some that we just finished. We don't have the news or upcoming segments in this one, but we'll definitely do them next Yak. Let us know your thoughts on whatever you're watching right now! TIME STAMPS - CURRENTLY WATCHING 00:06:18 - Familiar Wife 00:16:50 - Terius Behind Me 00:27:04 - Heart Surgeons 00:31:01 - Life 00:36:13 - Full House (COMPLETED) 00:42:03 - Ghost Detective COMPLETED DRAMAS 00:49:43 - Thirty But Seventeen - final thoughts 01:13:04 - My ID is Gangnam Beauty 01:29:39 - Time 01:34:35 - Your Honour 01:38:24 - My Horrible Boss WRAPPING UP 01:43:45 - Joke Support us: https://www.patreon.com/dramasoverflowers TALK TO US: Twitter: @dramasoverflow Email: starsinourpocket@gmail.xom Or comment below!!

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