23. The Long Yak - Time | Thirty But Seventeen | Your HouseHelper | Full House | My Princess

Shorter than usual but still a pretty long yak. We're just covering currently watching dramas on this episode. Keep an eye out for "What's Up in Dramaland" making its debut in a couple of weeks where we discuss drama news and upcoming shows. TIME STAMP- CURRENTLY WATCHING: 00:01:40 - TIME 00:09:40 - YOUR HOUSEHELPER 00:17:13 - 30 But 17 ALSO WATCHING: 00:31:44 - FULL HOUSE 00:40:47 - MY PRINCESS 00:48:55 - 30 But 17 01:02:04 - Full House TWITTER podcast: @akdramapodcast Saya: @notnowsaya Anisa: @laica_k Paroma: @festerfaster MUSIC: About That Oldie (YouTube Audio Library) High (NCS - JPB)

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