17. The Long Yak - Lawless Lawyer | Wok of Love | Sketch | A Poem A Day | Pretty Noona

In this Long Yak we cover some K-Entertainment news, our impressions of upcoming dramas, and our struggles and hopes for currently airing ones! We also give our final thoughts on Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food and A Poem A Day. One of them was rainbows and sunshine and puppy kisses. The other...was not. As always, check out the shownotes below to find your catnip, and tell us what you thought of these dramas on twitter (@akdramapodcast) or by email (starsinourpocket@gmail.com). SHOWNOTES: 00:01:27 News Item #1 - Lee Seo-won charged for sexual assault 00:07:58 News Item #2 - Sequel to Signal in the works! 00:08:56 News Item #3 - Lead Hunting For Clean With Passion For Now 00:12:10 News Item #4 - Seo In-guk back from Army and cast in Hundred Million Stars From the Sky 00:16:06 UPCOMING JUNE DRAMAS: Are You Human Too? 00:20:00 What's wrong with Secretary Kim? 00:25:12 Life on Mars 00:33:24 Grandpa's over flowers 00:35:20 RECENTLY FINISHED WATCHING: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food 00:48:52 A Poem a Day 01:02:09 Age of Youth 2 01:04:17 CURRENTLY AIRING: About Time 01:08:13 Wok of Love/Greasy Melo 01:15:42 Lawless Lawyer 01:19:38 Suits 01:23:00 Sketch 01:26:38 Rich Man Poor Woman 01:36:45 Question of the YAK: What scene have you watched on repeat? LINKS (coming up) Blog: akdramapodcast,wordpress.com Twitter: @akdramapodcast Email: starsinourpocket@gmail.com

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