Episode 162

Someday or One Day: Taiwan's blockbuster time slip romance (ft. kfangurl)

We are joined by kfangurl on an ultimate fan trip episode where we deep dive into a cult classic time slip romance that set new standards in storytelling for all of us. This drama has also been recently remade into the Korean, A Time Called You, which we discussed in episode 161.

Tell us your thoughts about either drama in a voice note here: <Recording Page>


Paroma's twitter post on face blurring <link>

the fangirl verdict blog <link>


00:01:52 - Introducing Someday or One Day: plot, characters and cast

00:15:11 - How is Someday or One Day quintessentially Taiwanese?

00:31:09 - How did you feel towards Yunru?

00:44:25 - Were Yu Xuan and Zi Wei too happy/too perfect?

00:49:50 - Would you change any plot points?

01:01:45 - The 2022 film

01:11:34 - The drama's ending

01:21:57 - Speculating on the K-drama remake, A Time Called You


Episode 161: A Time Called You

Episode 96: Kfangurl interview


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This episode was edited by Saya

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