Episode 128

Why Was the Second Lead Syndrome So Bad in Start-Up?

It's been almost 2 years, guys. It's definitely time to move on from #KimSeonHo's breakout performance in START-UP. But before we do, here's a look back at why #HanJiPyeong captured our hearts, how much of this effect was intentional on the creators' part, and why his fans walked away bitter after that ending.

(Also maybe why #NamJoohyuk also got a bad deal out of it. 😅)

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00:00 - Intro

01:20 - Why was Han Ji-pyeong so appealing?

05:52 - Is Han Ji-pyeong perfect for So Dal-mi?

09:27 - Creators wanted to subvert tropes

12:40 - Start-Up played the audience

13:43 - Backlash from the fans

16:00 - How the drama messed up with Han Ji-pyeong

23:36 - The worst way to treat a fan favourite


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