Episode 122

2021 in Dramaland: Year End Yak Part 2 (The Goguma Awards)

Welcome, welcome to Part 2 of our year-end celebration gala! With no less than 28 different awards, this not so much a Yak as it is a Mammoth Marathon, as we try to conquer the highs and lows of Dramaland 2021 in the space of two wild hours.

If you've listened to Part 1, you may already know that we thought this was going to be in 2 parts (big mistake!), but it ended up being 3 - so happy new year and we'll see you in Part 3!


00:01:06 - The Most Hallyutastic Drama

00:09:37 - The Biggest Ideas, Bestestly Done

00:20:53 - The Title Most Lost in Translation

00:24:40 - Best Use of Covid

00:29:20 - Best Use of Music & Sound

00:38:13 - The Drama That Was Worth Every Minute

00:42:44 - The Justest Vigilante

00:45:55 - Most Worksmart Drama

00:55:41 - The Squishiest Drama

01:02:35 - I Will Go Down With This Ship

01:06:22 - Fantastic First Halves, Stupid Seconds

01:16:01 - We’re Still Doing This, Dramaland?

01:21:31 - Drama With an Identity Crisis

01:23:28 - Most Bizarre Treatment of Disability

01:31:03 - Most Difficult to Finish (But We Did)

01:33:29 - Biggest Waste of Starpower

01:36:30 - Best Action Woman

01:39:06 - Best Person Pretending to Be Another Person

01:42:15 - 1 Actor, 2 Dramas: The Quickfire Round

01:47:30 - Busiest Bee Award

01:48:37 - !!SECRET AWARD!!

01:49:45 - Most Electric Adversarial Banmal

01:54:44 - Most Memorable Side Character

01:56:59 - Best 주인공 (Main Character) Face

01:58:17 - Most Manhwa Face

02:00:33 - Most Viral Moment

02:00:56 - Baby Who Grew the Most

02:02:53 - Unni Who Never Ages



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Episode 123: Year End Yak Part 3 (TBR 17 Jan '22)

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This episode was edited by Saya.

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