Episode 111

Why is Squid Game so popular? | October Premieres | My Name | Jirisan | The King's Affection

This month, we're back and labouring under the realisation that when you have a K-drama podcast, you have to watch the biggest global TV sensation in the history of K-dramas! I admit, we are not hating it, but we reserve the right to grumble! We also take a sidestep to talk about whether age affects how we enjoy actors, before jumping into October premieres.



00:01:22 Why did Squid Game blow up?

00:20:09 Does an actor's age affect how you feel about them?


00:29:05 The King's Affection

00:43:46 Reflection of you

00:47:32 My Name

00:53:29 Jirisan

01:00:19 Would You Like a Cup of Coffee

01:02:32 Crime Puzzle

01:07:57 Chimaera

01:12:54 Inspector Koo

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